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5 Things You Should Know About Twitter’s Privacy Policy

5 Things You Should Know About Twitter’s Privacy Policy image
Updated: December 19th, 2022
You might know that the new owner of Twitter is 'Elon Musk', but are you aware of the new privacy policies Twitter has?
Twitter is a free platform with over 30 million active users, increasing every day. This is why they need to improve the platform, which is only possible if they know what people want. From collecting your data to sharing it with other parties, there are five things that you should know about Twitter's privacy policy.

What Is Twitter Privacy Policy?

Twitter is a public platform where you share your data accessible to everyone out there. Twitter's privacy policy means the data they collect about you using your tweets, likes, shares, and even the information you have added to your account.
Twitter's privacy policy explains what type of data they collect and how much your privacy is protected while using Twitter. It also explains if they collect personal data from your device without permission. Social media applications get often accused of stealing data from people without their consent. Let's have a look if Twitter is doing so or not.

5 Untold Things About Twitter's Privacy Policy

Learn these five things so the next time you use Twitter, you'll know what information you send to Twitter's algorithms.

1 - Information You Provide To Twitter

When you create a Twitter account, you must provide some information to register on the site. This information is accessible and usable by Twitter by all means. Some of the information that you provide includes:
  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Date of birth
  4. Language
  5. Your location
  6. Address book

2 - Your User Experience Recorded

Twitter records which page, ads, or data you are interested in. Doctor collapse information about how you use their products and services to help keep up their value of them. Some of the data that Twitter collects include:
  1. Content in your post
  2. Your broadcast data
  3. Retweets, shares, replies, tags
  4. People you follow and vice versa.
  5. Content of direct messages
  6. The links you use from Twitter

3 - Data Collected From Third Parties

Some third parties have contracts with Twitter based on whom they share their user data with Twitter. Some of these third parties share the following information:
  1. Twitter generated identifiers
  2. Mobile device IDs
  3. Cookie IDs
  4. Email addresses
  5. Demographic data
  6. Viewed content
  7. Actions taken

4 - Affiliates On Twitter Have Their Own Policy

Some Twitter services, like TweetDeck, help you customize your experience on Twitter. Some services also allow you to enhance your experience outside Twitter. These affiliates may be collecting more data than Twitter itself.

5 - You Can Change Your Privacy Settings 

Where Twitter is collecting lots of data from your Twitter account, there is one good news too. Some of the privacy is still in your hands, and you must control it. These are some changes you can make to your account's privacy policy. 
  1. You can enable or disable personalized ads. This setting controls ads from Twitter advertisers by combining your activity on Twitter and the information from Twitter third-party partners.
  2. Twitter recognizes different devices from where you log into your account. You can turn off this setting depending on whether you want Twitter to record your activities from other devices.

Don't Let Twitter Know Everything….

In this technology-oriented world, your digital data is a huge asset, and no one wants to lose it. Whether it's Twitter’s privacy policy or any other application, you must be very careful about your privacy. You can use some careful measures to protect your data as much as possible from Twitter. These steps include: 
  • Read the complete privacy policy of Twitter to know what is controlled by them.
  • Customize your settings from the privacy policy menu in your application. Try to give the least access to Twitter on your data. 
  • Using a VPN can also be a good choice because, in that case, you can protect your location.

Final Words

Since its inception, Twitter has been a go-to source for real-time news and commentary. The social media platform boasts over 336 million monthly active users worldwide, which is why it’s no surprise that the company updated its privacy policy in June 2018. As we continue to grow and engage with one another through social media channels like Twitter, it’s important to be aware of the privacy implications involved.
Luckily, by being proactive and understanding what you agree to in terms of Twitter’s Privacy Policy, you can help keep your personal information safe while still enjoying all that Twitter has to offer. And if you need a little extra help staying on top of things, PrivacyHawk can take care of your privacy for you by helping you take control of your digital footprint.
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