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Take back control of Your Privacy

Manage, control, and delete your data from thousands of businesses exploiting your personal data
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How it works

Automatically manage, control, and delete your data from thousands of businesses exploiting your personal data
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Deletes from Spam Databases

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Stops Companies Selling Your Data


Unsubscribes from Spam

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Helps Reduce Risk of Being Hacked, Identity Theft, Scams and Spam
Privacy Automated
PrivacyHawk automatically finds companies using or selling your data and gives you control over how it is used.
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Comprehensive Coverage
PrivacyHawk has the world’s largest database of companies that share, buy and sell consumer data. Now you can opt out automatically from thousands of companies exploiting your personal data.
Now You’re in Control of Your Private Data
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Protect Your Private Data
Thousands of corporations are sharing, selling, and exploiting your personal data and privacy.
New laws require them to stop doing that. But it’s nearly impossible to take advantage of your privacy rights due to complicated opt out processes and the sheer number of companies exploiting our personal data.
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How it works
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App Finds Companies with Your Data
Automatically cleans up your privacy, delete you from spam databases, and gives you control over who can use your data and how
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Who we are

We are privacy advocates, big data experts, and engineers that believe consumer privacy has gotten out of control. We can’t rely on the government, corporations, or other institutions to protect us from spam, scams, manipulation, ID theft, or hackers.
Our data is being passed around like commodities without any regard for the short or long term effects it may have on us as individuals or society at large. It is up to us to leverage technology to take control of our data. PrivacyHawk is here to help.
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