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PrivacyHawk is a privacy app that enables you to automatically control who uses and shares your personal data. It helps with opting out or deleting your data from thousands of companies, which protects your privacy and helps prevent malicious use of your data.
PrivacyHawk protects your privacy by 1) identifying which companies have your personal data, 2) helping you choose which ones to opt out of and 3) automatically makes those companies delete your personal data or opt out of having it shared with affiliates and third parties. It also helps you mass unsubscribe from marketing emails. 
PrivacyHawk also provides security alerts about breaches that may affect your personal data and provides education about the risks each of your personal accounts pose.
PrivacyHawk helps reduce your digital footprint, securing your privacy, which can lower risk of scams, spam, being hacked, and identity theft.
PrivacyHawk gives you control over which companies have access to your data and how they can use it.
There are two types of companies that have your data: 1) Middle-men such as data brokers and marketing companies (Data Harvesters) and 2) Companies you have a direct relationship with such as retailers (Direct Companies).
PrivacyHawk automates deleting your data from Data Harvesters and gives you an easy way to control the Direct Companies use of your data such as deleting, making do not sell my data requests, or opting out from marketing emails.

Automatic Opt Out Process:

  1. Scan for Companies Using or Selling Your Data

    • App scans for data brokers and companies with your first party data.
    • For your first party data footprint, the majority of most people’s digital footprint can be found in their email inbox.
    • PrivacyHawk securely connects with your email to identify companies with your first party data.
  2. Identifies Accounts with Your Data

    • Once connected, PrivacyHawk will identify and organize all the accounts that have ever emailed you.
    • You can then select which accounts for which you’d like data deleted, to opt out of selling your data, or to unsubscribe from promotional emails.
  3. Automates Opting Out

    • PrivacyHawk will send requests for your selected action to those companies from your email (it's more effective if the email comes from you).
    • Emails are archived in a PrivacyHawk folder in your email so your main inbox isn't cluttered.
    • PrivacyHawk automates as much as possible of the process, but there will sometimes be actions needed from you to confirm deletion or opt out.

Delete from Data Brokers Exposing and Selling Your Private Data

PrivacyHawk enables you to delete your data from thousands of data brokers and data harvesters who sell your data to marketers, scammers, and hackers. There is no benefit to being in these databases and they are legally required in many states to delete your data upon request. These are middlemen that you've never heard of, will not be in your inbox, but are nonetheless highly responsible for a lot of the spam and potential scams and hacks using your private, personal data.
Protecting your personal data is literally the reason our company exists. There is no higher priority. We use every available measure to protect your data. Here are some of our practices. For more details, visit our privacy policy.
  • We store only minimal data about our users necessary for the app to function such as an anonymous user ID and contact and personal details needed for submitting privacy requests on your behalf (all optional fields to automate more of the process for you).
  • Secure encryption is used to protect any personal data stored by PrivacyHawk.
  • At any time, within the app, you can see exactly what data PrivacyHawk has on you in the account section. We will always be fully transparent about what data we currently store on you.
The app is free to use to scan for privacy vulnerabilities and exposures. And the digital footprint manager also provides 10 monthly opt outs for free.
To get data broker removals, ongoing monitoring, and unlimited opt outs, you can upgrade to premium.
PrivacyHawk is free of ads and trackers, and hence we charge a subscription fee to support our business. The subscription is $49.99 per six months and $74.99 per year (save 25% by subscribing to renew annually).
  • PrivacyHawk is a great compliment to identify protection services, not a replacement or competitor. 
  • Identity protection services help alert you when your data has been identified on the dark web or may have been part of a breach. 
  • PrivacyHawk helps prevent that from happening in the first place by making sure your data isn’t being stored and shared by too many companies.
  • The fewer companies storing or sharing your data, the less likely you are to be hacked or part of a data breach, which can compromise your privacy and potentially your identity.
If you’d like to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time by emailing or from the account settings section in your app on your device.
PrivacyHawk is headquartered in Los Angeles California in the United States, where some of the world’s most stringent privacy regulations such as CCPA and CPRA are in place.
PrivacyHawk is currently available in the Apple App Store and can be installed for free on any mobile device using iOS.
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